Hall of fame


Lloy Ball #1, setter
Seasons: 5 (2006-2011)
Matches: 208

He was number one in everything and everywhere: at work, while being on holiday and on the court. After his arrival in Kazan, Boll’s career was on the rise - he started to win everything playing both for the club, and for the national team. Russian Championship, Russian Cup, Champions League, World League, and the Olympics. That great setter won absolutely all possible trophies during the five seasons that he played for the Kazan team. Indisputable authority and true leader – Lloy Ball became the first captain-foreigner ever played in the Russian League. He will always dwell within hearts of Kazan fans.


Ruslan Olikhver #4, middle blocker
Seasons: 4 (2002-2006)
Matches: 153

In 2002 Olikhver was a captain of the national team and led Russians to the victory in the World League. The transfer of the national team player – a global star – to the A League team in 2002 was a bombshell. As a result the team made the big time having become part of the volleyball elite, and following Olikhver other famous volleyball masters joined the Kazan club.


Dmitry Fomin #8, diagonal
Seasons: 3 (2003-2006)
Matches: 85

Fomin was the main victory-maker of the sensational triumph in the final match of the 2004 Russian Cup against Dinamo Moscow (3:0). He celebrated the success by climbing up to a referee stand. Perhaps, it was that time when a Kazan star appeared in the volleyball world. Team captain of that season became the best player of both the Russian Cup and the Russian championship. Kazan fans could have enjoyed spectacular play of Dmitry for another several seasons unless a shoulder injury that made him quit.


Sergey Tetyukhin #8, spiker
Seasons: 4 (2006-2008, 2009-2011)
Matches: 159

Tetyukhin is the most renowned Russian volleyball player. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most outstanding players in the history of Zenit KAZAN and truly a gold player. It is worth mentioning Tetyukhin’s fighting qualities, his iron will and strong character, ability to take the lead at the right time and to score the most difficult balls. In 2012 he contributed his power and skills to triumph of the Russian national team in London and was deservedly acknowledged as the best athlete of the country.


Igor Shulepov #10, spiker
Seasons: 3 (2004-2007)
Matches: 108

Igor Shulepov came back to Russia after four seasons in Italy, and he certainly wanted to play in the team that shoots for the stars. Eventually he accepted the proposal from Kazan and became part of a strong and ambitious team. Igor became one of the team leaders and his consistent and confident play contributed to team winning the 2004 Russian Cup and bronze medals of the Russian championship. In a very tough season of 2005/06 after a series of injuries the entire burden fell on the shoulders of Igor Shulepov who became captain that time and he managed it with flying colors.