Volleyball club 'Zenit-Kazan' was established on 13 May 2000. In 2000-2004 the team was named 'Dinamo'. In 2000 - July 2008 it was named 'Dinamo-Tattgransgaz" (Kazan).


- Russian Champion (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2018, 2023)
- Winner of the Champions League (2008, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017)
- Winner of the World Club Championship (2017)
- Silver medalist at the Champions League (2011, 2019)
- Bronze medallist at the Champions League (2013)
- Bronze medallist of Russian Championship (2004, 2005, 2008, 2013, 2022)
- Holder of Russian Cup (2004, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022)
- Holder of Russian Supercup (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020)
- Silver medalist at the World Club Championship (2015, 2016)
- Bronze medalist at the World Club Championship (2009, 2011, 2019)
- Silver medalist of Russian Championship (2019)
- Winner of the All-Russian Spartakiad (2022)
Kazan Professional Volleyball team was founded on May 13th, 2000, by the decision of Tatarstan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kazan City Administration. It was formed at the base of Directorate of Internal Affairs and aimed at taking part in games of Russian Championship First League. Through the group round Kazan team lost only two games out of 28 played and proceeded to the High League B.
During the midseason Kazan team was headed by Viktor Sidelnikov, who just finished his playing career. Out of 40 games of two rounds Kazan lost only 8 and took the first place in group. That gave them the right to held one of the two final rounds at home. And exactly in Kazan the fate of places in High League A was determined. Dinamo gained the 3-0 victory over Lokomotiv Novosibirsk at the last day of the tour and again proceeded to the higher level.
Team didn't want to stop at the attained success, and immediately undertook the task of advancing to another level - Superleague. In order to achieve the aim Dinamo was seriously reinforced with such professional and skillful players as Ruslan Olikhver and Evgeny Mitkov. As a result Kazan team provided itself a place in Superleague in advance even couple rounds before the tournament was over.
Before starting season for the first time in Superleague, Kazan team couldn't even think about top positions of the tournament. The only aim was to show itself the best way possible, look worthy and try to keep a place among the good teams.
At the third match of "bronze" series, that was held by Kazan, team from Ural was winning 2:0 by sets and 7:2 in the third set. Nevertheless, Dinamo managed to take the set and won on the timebreak. Next day in the over-crowded home arena Kazan Team won again in 5 dramatic sets and first time in the history were standing at the podium.
This season promised to be the defining one in the life of the team. Dinamo had to prove that "bronze" was appropriate and debute on European arena - the CEV Cup. In order to continue the successful performance at all three fronts, team needed a general partner, powerful sponsor that could patronize the team. "TatTranceGas" and personally CEO of the company Rafkat Kantukov were eager to support the team, that was re-named to "Dinamo TatTrance Gaz" and Rafkat Kantukov became the president of the club.
And the result didn't keep us waiting! Kazan team won the Russian Cup by beating Dinamo Moscow 3-0 in the final. And for the second time became a bronze medallist of the Russian Championship.
At the start of the championship the leader and the captain, Dmitry Fomin, had to leave the team. This loss turned out to be irreplaceable for the Kazan team. The following sequence of injuries didn't let Dinamo TTG succeed at the Top Teams Cup and rise higher than sixth place in the regular Russian Championship.
Exactly 7 years after the team was founded, on May 13th, 2007, Kazan team became the best in Russia. Team managed to gain the victory over Moscow Dinamo in the fifth match and get the gold medals. In the followin season Dinamo TTG will have to defend its title of the number one team in Russia, as well as represent Russia at the most prestigious European Tornament - Champions League.

On 27 December in Odintsovo in the fantastic five-set thriller Dinamo-Tattransgaz Kazan defeated Dynamo Moscow and won the Russian Cup for the second time in its history, also booking a place in the Champions League for the next season.
Kazan team’s captain Sergey Tetyukhin was named MVP of the Final Four, Clayton Stanley finished up as the best hitter and Lloy Ball as the best setter.
On 30 March in Lodz, Poland the team from Kazan gained a victory in the fifth set over Copra Piacenza and set a unique achievement by winning the most prestigious European trophy – the Champions League – at first attempt.
Clayton Stanley, an American opposite of Dinamo-Tattgransgaz was named MVP of the Final Four and Alexander Bogomolov was named the best blocker of the final round.
The end of the most successful season in the team’s history was marked by the bronze medals of the Russian Championship, which were gained in the four-match series with Lokomotiv Novosibirsk.

During off-season the coaching staff of the Kazan team was changed. Vladimir Alekno – the coach of the national team of Russia – became a new head coach of the team from Tatarstan.
In June, the Kazan club changed its name to Zenit KAZAN.
In September Kazan team lost to Dinamo Moscow in straight sets of the Russian Super Cup match.
Zenit KAZAN faced the eve of the semi-final of the Russian Cup head-on and, having routed the host team in Ufa, as well as Prekameye and Dinamo Yantar, qualified for the Final Four. However, Zenit again lost to Dinamo in the semi-final of the Cup. In the match for the third place team from Tatarstan beat the hosts of the Play-offs - Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. Zenit KAZAN spiker Alexander Korneev was voted the best scorer of the Final Four.
Kazan team came in second in the Pool D of the Champions League and they managed to break down the resistance of Slovenian Bled in the first round of the Playoffs. In the quarterfinals Zenit encountered an insurmountable obstacle in the name of the Italian team Lube Macerata.
Kazan team played unsteadily during the regular season. As a result, the fourth place and the advantage of home match in the series against Locomotiv Belogorie. Losing 1-2 after three sets during the first match, Zenit finally wins reassuring victory. In Belgorod Zenit lost 0-3 and then sensationally smashed "Loco" in Kazan and qualified for the semi-finals.
To make it to the finals Kazan team had to play four matches against Fakel. In the final Zenit defeated Iskra in three consecutive matches and for the second time in its history the club from Tatarstan became the champion of Russia.

For the first time in its history Zenit managed to make gold double, having won both the National championship and the Cup of Russia. Notably, Kazan team had once again proved its invincibility in the final of the Russian Cup, which was held in Kaliningrad! After two victorious sets the volleyball players of Locomotiv Novosibirsk were probably anticipating triumph and thinking about champagne in the locker room, but at the end of the day the winning fizz was flowing after the match in the locker room of Zenit KAZAN, which managed to comeback and save the match.
It is worth noting that two years running the team of Vladimir Alekno became the champion of Russia. And both times it took them just 10 matches to get to the top of the podium in Playoffs. It is an absolute record of the Russian championships. It is worth mentioning that in 10 playoff matches Kazan lost only 5 sets with 27 to win!
As one of the strongest teams of the continent, Zenit KAZAN played in the Club World Cup in Qatar in November, 2009. The tournament was resumed after a 17-year break, and eight strongest teams in the world took part in it. Zenit successfully and meritably represented Russia in the Middle East, having taken the third place in the tournament. The result would probably have been different if not for the experimental rules of the tournament which turned out to be a challenge for the Kazan team that simply did not have time to prepare. March 6, 2010 became a historic day when Kazan club had played 500 matches by that time and then, on 13 of May, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Third time running Zenit KAZAN started the season with the match for the Russian Super Cup. Vladimir Alekno’s mentees beat Lokomotiv-Belogorye 3-0 in a home match. That night Zenit KAZAN players were wearing alternative white and golden uniform.
After that, by a twist of fixtures Zenit played only away matches for a whole month and the team did it very well. After having edged German Unterhaking (3:0) home in the group phase of the Champions League, and then having won in Krasnodar (3:1), Zenit brought its unique winning super series up to 19 matches!
Run of luck was interrupted in the away match against Yaroslavich (2:3), followed by the ultimate thrill of the Kazan team. Zenit lost three consecutive matches at tie-breaks.
In the semis of the Russian Cup, Zenit lost 0:3 to Novosibirsk Locomotive. After that Champions League trophy became a top priority for Zenit KAZAN. In Playoff 12 Russians masterfully outplayed Slovenian club Bled (3:0, 3:0). Their rival in Playoff 6 was formidable Polish club Skra. Playing away Kazan snatched a victory 3-2. In the second leg the Polish won 3-1 and following the regulations the team played the golden set. At the end of a day Kazan celebrated the victory having sealed the golden set with a score of 15:11!
Two Russian clubs – Zenit KAZAN and Dinamo MOSCOW – played in the semifinals of the Champions League, Final Four of which was held in the Italian city of Bolzano. Alekno’s team won 3:0. In the final match Zenit withstand the most powerful club in the world of recent years – TRENTINO Diatec. The hosts won 3:1 with the strong support of their fans. However, Kazan showed good game and at the end of the decisive phase of the tournament have collected the fair share of individual awards.
Physically and mentally exhausted because of the Champions League finals, Zenit clashed with Yaroslavich in the playoff of the Russian championship and managed to pocket the win only in the fifth match of the series. There were no doubts concerning superior performance of Zenit KAZAN in the semifinal match against Dinamo KRASNODAR.
Third match of the final series turned out to be crucial. Kazan won strong-willed victory in away match (3-2), then, the next day defeated Dinamo 3:0 (25:17, 25:23, 25:15) winning third championship in a row!

In the first match of the season in Novosibirsk, Kazan beat Lokomotiv (3:0) and the second year running won Russia Super Cup.
In October, Zenit took part in Club World Championship. The Russians failed the second attempt to win this tournament. In the semifinals, Kazan challenged TRENTINO Diatec and lost 1:3. Just like in 2009, Zenit settled for only bronze medals in Qatar, which team from Tatarstan won in a showdown with Brazilian club Ceci (3:1).
Zenit succeeded in gaining decisive revenge over the Italian grandee in March. Having passed both the group stage of the Champions League and all phases of the Playoffs in one breath, for the third time in its history Zenit KAZAN made it to the Final Four, which once again was held in Lodz. That Polish city had truly become lucky one for the team from Kazan.
In the semifinals, Tatars defeated TRENTINO 3-1! Kazan ‘deposed the king’, but in the finals they had to play against the hosts of the Final Four who were passionately supported by 14,000 spectators. Vladimir Alekno’s team met the challenge. Losing 1-2 during the match with Skra, Kazan snatched a victory in tie-break!
In late December, Zenit played poorly in a home Final Eight, after losing in the quarterfinals to Belogorye (2:3), Kazan had to win the national championship to get back to the Champions League.
Zenit coped with that task brilliantly! During the championship, Zenit played 22 games in the league and lost only one - the second team was beaten by Izumrud in insignificant away match. Zenit became the winner of the Eastern Conference with a large margin.
Kazan was literarily unstoppable in the Playoffs! In the quarterfinals, they outplayed Ugra from Surgut (3-0, 3-2), in the semifinals, 2011 Russian Cup winner – Novosibirsk Locomotive – suffered three defeats (3:2, 3:1, 3:2), and in the final team of Vladimir Alekno edged 2012 CEV Cup Winner – Dinamo MOSCOW (3:2, 3:0, 3:0). Zenit became the champion of Russia for the fourth time in a row (2009-2012), and equaled the record of Belogorye (2002-2005).

In August, the Russian team led by Zenit Kazan head coach Vladimir Alekno became the Olympic Champion, having beaten the Brazilians 3-2 in a dramatic final. At the Games in London Kazan team was represented by five players: Maxim Mikhailov, Nikolai Apalikov, Alexander Volkov, Alexey Obmochaev, Yuri Berezhko
The consequences of a long and hard season for Zenit KAZAN players that took part in Olympics were very serious. Volkov who fought valiantly in London being able to play only owing to injections, underwent surgery and had to miss the entire season of 2012/13. By the beginning of the World Club Championship the rest of the Zenit players, who also played for the national team, were in no better condition. As a result, the Kazan club for the first time in its history came back from Doha with no medals. In the semifinals of the tournament Champion of Russia was stopped by Trentino (0:3), and in the third-place match Alekno’s mentees lost to the Polish club Skra (2:3).
At the group stage of Final Six of the Russian Cup Kazan players confidently beat Gubernia and Dinamo, and in the semi-finals left no chance to the Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (3:0). Two major clubs, the players of which make up the core of the Russian national team, clashed in the final match of the tournament, which for the first time received the status of a commercial one. The hosts, Belgorod "Lions" won 3:1. After the final match was over, Vladimir Alekno announced that he resigns from the position of head coach of the Russian national team and will focus on work in the club.
Zenit played very well in the Champions League that season. The team has not lost a single set at the group stage (12:0) and set a record for the European tournament. In the Playoff 12 Kazan edged Berlin, and in the next round of the playoffs knocked out of the fight fellow countrymen from Dinamo Moscow. Magnificent winning series of Zenit ended in the semifinals. Kazan lost to the host of Final Four – the Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (2:3). Discouraged Zenit players managed to overcome the failure to win the bronze medals the next day in a clash with the Polish club Zaksa. Kazan team collection now has two sets of gold medals (2008, 2012), silver (2011) and bronze (2013) medals of the Champions League. There are only two clubs in Europe that have a full set of tournament medals – French Tour VB and Zenit KAZAN.
As for the national championship, Zenit also won bronze medals, setting a new record of the Russian championships - the team got on the podium seven seasons in a row (2007-2013). After four consecutive victorious seasons, Zenit KAZAN lost the title in the semifinal series against Locomotive Belogorie (1-3).

Lucas Zhigadlo was meant to become a starting line-up setter of Zenit KAZAN, but Polish-born legionary injured his ankle severely at one of the first training sessions and was expeditiously substituted by experienced Serbia-born player Nicola Grbich, who had joined the ranks just a few days before the memorable clash for the national Super Cup against Belogorie BELGOROD. Kazan roster caught a very solid start and kept the lead for two sets 2:0 but finally dropped the match giving the last national trophy to their archrivals.
Zenit KAZAN qualified for the Champions League thanks to a wild card but that season’s draw brought the Tatars to a “Death Pool” featuring reigning champion Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK and powerful Lube Banca Marche Macerata. Nevertheless, Kazan team made it to the next round from its Pool’s top. In Playoff 12 Zenit KAZAN got the upper hand over BERLIN RECYCLING Volleys repeating the last year story (3:0, 3:0), and then comfortably overhauled Italian Piacenza.
Final Four of the Champions’ League staged in Ankara that season turned out the worst one in the history of the Kazan club. In the semi-final Kazan squad lost to Belogorie BELGOROD (1:3), and was routed by Jastrzebski Wegiel, Polish club, with a same score in the bronze medal match. Previously, the team from Kazan was upset by its archrival from Belgorod in January semi-final match of the Russian Cup.
Zenit KAZAN lost only once during the whole regular season of the Championship and managed to seal a ticket straight to the Final Six. Kazan giants missed out on their top scorer Maxim Mikhailov who was benched due to injuries, then, in Ekaterinburg team captain Alexander Volkov found himself in the hospital because of the similar reason. It seemed that without two leading players who pace the Kazan attack, it would be rather hard for Zenit KAZAN to reach the podium, but the guys have shown a very solid character and this situation only welded the Tatarstan armada that became even stronger. In the semi-final, Vladimir Alekno‘s mentees claimed a confident 3:1 win in the match against Belogorie and outmuscled Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK 3:0 in a decider match! Zenit KAZAN won the Russian Championship for the sixth time in a row and secured a place in the Champions League.

Fifteenth anniversary season became the best one in the history for Kazan club. It was for the first time that Kazan team claimed Grand Slam having wiped off all competitors in all major events of a season. Vladimir Alekno mentees took Russian Super Cup in the end of December, captured the title of Champions League top team in the end of March and defended the title of the best team of Russia on 28th of April. Zenit KAZAN came second in the regular championship, only 2 points behind Belogorie. Tatars recorded a confident win over Fakel NOVYI URENGOI (2:0) and Dinamo MOSCOW (3-0) in the first round of Playoffs, Zenit KAZAN crossed its ways with a long-standing and overarching opponent – Belogorie in a “golden series”. The fate of the much anticipated clash remained open until the second match of the game series, as it was held in Belgorod. At first, Kazan club was trailing 0:2, but they came from behind and hammered a strong-willed 3:2victory. Zenit KAZAN won the third match 3:0, and the fourth home game ended up with victorious 3:2 score in favor of Tatars. Both matches at the Center of volleyball were sold-outs in Kazan.
In the Final Four of the Champions League, held in Berlin, Zenit KAZAN outperformed the hosts of the finals (3:1), then in a decider it prevailed over Polish Resovia RZESZÓW in three straight sets. Three players of Kazan team (spikers Wilfredo Leon and Maxim Mikhailov, libero Theodore Salparov) “joined” the line-up of a symbolic all-star team of the event, and Cuban-born Wilfredo Leon was also recognized as Final Four MVP.
In the Final Six of the Russian Cup Kazan team won all four matches with a undisputable score of 3:0, including the final against Novosibirsk LOKOMOTIV. Whence, Zenit KAZAN claimed the trophy, which it has failed to win but was so much committed to take it since 2009. It stands to mention, that during the season Zenit KAZAN made a unique contribution to the Russian volleyball chronicles being on the winning run of 31 consecutive matches.
In summer of 2015, the head coach of Kazan team Vladimir Alekno took the charge of the national team of Russia for the third time in his career.

Kazan club started one of the most successful seasons in its history: Vladimir Alekno‘s roster won four straight trophies, but unfortunately the triumph was incomplete – Kazan giants failed to claim one of titles. Cruzeiro edged Zenit KAZAN 1:3 in the final match of the World Cup staged in October in hot Brazil. Nevertheless, Wilfredo Leon, Maxim Mikhailov и Alexander Gutsaluyk were selected to a dream team of the event.
Right after Zenit KAZAN came back home it won the national Super Cup, which coincided with the first round of Russian championship. More than 4 thousand fans eye-witnessed whitewash win of Kazan squad over Belogorie BELGOROD. During the Russian Championship, Zenit KAZAN won 25 out of 26 of matches in total and made a club record – 96% wins during one season of super-league. Pursuing national team interests, a 2016 champion of Russia was chosen through assessing the results of the regular championship and Kazan team got the title four rounds before the end of the tournament. Zenit KAZAN failed to win only one home match against Gazprom UGRA (2:3) in the fourth round.
Vladimir Alekno’s mentees claimed Russian Cup in December. In the semi-final match they recorded the second strong-willed victory in season over Dinamo MOSCOW, again trailing 0:2 after 2 sets they amazed the fans with a terrific comeback and in the final match literally crashed Belogorie in three straight sets.
Having claimed all national trophies, Zenit KAZAN hurled all efforts into winning the European tournaments and Playoffs of the Champions League.Tatars knocked out three Polish clubs: LOTOS Gransk in Playoffs 12, Skra from Belchatow – in Playoffs 6, and Resovia RZESZOW – in a tournament’s semi-final. In the final match against Italian Diatec TRENTINO Kazan team was suffering devastating setback of 0:2 throughout the match but again showed character and scored an amazing comeback victory for the fourth time in history having become one of the winners of the major and elitist European club tournament. Wilfredo Leon was awarded a tournament’s MVP title and the best outside spiker for the second year in a row, and Maxim Mikhailov became the best opposite.

In the 2016/17 season, Zenit completely replicated the success of the previous season and again earned four prizes. While the wins in the Russian championships and the Champions League were even more convincing: 42 victories in 42 matches!
In the Final four of the Volleyball Champions League in Rome, Kazan beat Berlin (3:0) and Perugia Italy (3:0). Maksim Mikhailov was recognized as the MVP of the tournament, Wilfredo Leon won the prize for the best wing spiker, and Artem Volvich -the best blocker. Zenit replicated the success Trentino, winning the Champions League three times in a row.
The gold medal of the Super League has been won in the Final six, which took place in Moscow, beating in the semifinals Belogorie (3:0), and in the final – Dynamo Moscow (3:0).
The Russian Cup was also played in the Final six format in Surgut. In the decisive match, Vladimir Alekno's team defeated Lokomotiv (Novosibirsk) with a 3:1 score.
At the beginning of the season, the Kazan team also won the Russian Super Cup and suffered a defeat in the Club World Championships in Brazil. In the final, the Russian club lost again to Cruzeiro Brazil (0:3). And the fifth attempt to win the official title of the best club in the world has failed.
The best season in the history of Zenit: Vladimir Alekno's team won all five possible trophies! It is impossible to surpass this success, but only to replicate it.
It all started with the Russian Super Cup, which was held in the middle of the season. On November 4, Zenit Kazan and Dynamo Moscow played the match of the 9th round of the Russian Championships. The Kazan team won 3-0. Zenit have not yet missed any of the ten events of the trophy and won it for the 8th time.
In early December in Belgorod, Zenit won the Russian Cup for the fourth time in a row and for the sixth time in history. In the semifinals, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk was defeated (3:1), and in the decisive match, in a dramatic matchup, Kazan defeated Kuzbass Kemerovo – 3:2. The organizers recognized Wilfredo Leon as the best player of the final.
On December 17, in Krakow, Zenit-Kazan won the Club World Championships for the first time in history. During the tournament, which was held in Poland, the Kazan team won all five matches with the same score 3:0 - a record of the tournament.
In the group stage, Bolivar Argentina, Shanghai China and Skra Poland were defeated, and in the semifinals of the tournament – Cruzeiro Brazil. In the decisive match, Kazan defeated the Italian club Civitanova in a tense fight.
Zenit-Kazan hit the podium of the Club World Championships for the fifth time. Previously, Kazan twice earned silver (2015, 2016) and bronze (2009, 2011).
At the end of the World Cup, three Zenit players were included in the dream team of the tournament- the setter Alexander Butko, the wing spiker Wilfredo Leon, the blocker Alexey Samoylenko.
In the regular season of the Russian Championships, Zenit-Kazan won 24 out of 26 matches, and the play-offs were undefeated: 7 wins in 7 matches. In the quarterfinals, Kazan got the better of Nova, in the semifinals – Kuzbass, and in the decisive series claimed a win over Zenit (3:0, 3:2, 3:0). The Kazan team won 9 out of 10 (!) Russian Championships.
The pinnacle of the tournament was a triumph in the local Final four of the Champions League, which took place in Kazan on May 12:13. Both days 7,000-seat arena attracted a capacity crowd. In the semifinals, Zenit beat Perugia Italy (3:0), and in a dramatic final defeated Civitanova, conceding 1:2 in games and 7:11 (!) in the tie-break. The Kazan team once again showed an indomitable will and set a record of the Champions League, winning the tournament four times in a row. The opposite hitter Maksim Mikhailov was recognized as the MVP of the tournament. Also, Alexander Butko and Wilfredo Leon were included in the dream team of the tournament. The final was a farewell match of Wilfredo Leon for Zenit.

Traditionally, Zenit Kazan did not drag the winning of the first prize of the season – the Russian Super Cup for the fifth time in a row. It was played in the match of the 5th round of the championships against Zenit St. Petersburg. Kazan won 3:1, and Maksim Mikhailov became the top-scorer of the match with 26 points.
But soon Kazan fans experienced a comedown from the loss at the Club World Championships, the team could not qualify from the group, losing to Fakel (2:3) and Civitanova (2:3), conceding with a 14:9 score in the tie-break. The main setter Alexander Butko suffered an injury, and a French player Earvin N’Gapeth, who replaced Wilfred Leon, joined the team not in the best shape.
Though, shortly after Zenit-Kazan made up for the loss, winning the Russian Cup for the fifth time in a row. In the home Final four Kazan got the better of Kuzbass and Zenit St. Petersburg with the same score 3:1. Maksim Mikhailov was recognized as the most valuable player of the Final four.
The Kazan team won the regular season of Russian Championship – 25 wins in 26 matches, while the nearest opponent Kuzbass earned 21 victories. These teams met in the final of the playoffs, in which Kemerovo created a sensation (3:1), breaking the long-time leadership of Zenit-Kazan.
Kuzbass was hungry, and we were full. It was clear and obvious. For the past ten years, everyone has been hungry for the win. As a result, now the tournament has been won by the hungry. They wanted to become Champions more than we did,-said Vladimir Alekno, head coach of Kazan, after the final.
In May, Zenit-Kazan conceded another prize, losing in the final of the Champions League to the Italian Civitanova (1:3). The first season without Leon turned out to be tough for the team, however the club won four out of five tournaments: two Cups and two silver medals.